10 lesser known facts about maths

Found a great infographics about maths on visually. Visually is a great website for searching and creating infographics. Studygeek has other great mathematics related infographics.

After seeing the infographics on visually I found the “extracted” version on Edudemic.

I use maths instead of math. Although sometimes I cut the s to fit in a 140 characters for a tweet. And Ha, Ha, Ha was new for me, too.

10 Lesser Known Facts About Math

  1. 0.999… is equal to 1!
  2. A palindrome number is one that reads the same backwards and forwards
  3. Americans call mathematics (maths) in the singular form, math, arguing that ‘mathematics’ functions as a singular noun
  4. Four is the only number in the english language with the same number of letters as the number itself
  5. The number 5 is pronounced as ‘ha’ in the Thai lanugage. 555 is also used by some as slang for “Ha, Ha, Ha”
  6. Some math problems are designed to be confounding
  7. Evariste Galois invented an entirely new branch of math called group theory when he was in his teens
  8. The easiest way to remember the value of Pi is to count the number of letters in each word in “May I have a large container of coffee’
  9. The equal sign was invented by an English mathematician in 1557
  10. There are shapes of constant width other than the circle.