Cunninlynguists album akár ingyen



Egyik kedvenc együttesem kicsit kiakadt a Facebookon, hogy a Spotify mennyit keres rajtuk:

It was recently revealed that the CEO of Spotify is worth $307 million dollars — more money than every artist they feature except 1. In honor of the .005 cents per play we get from Spotify as they trick you out of your weed money under the guise of “supporting artists”, it’s “Fuck Spotify” week at! Take this week off from streaming CL on Spotify and download any album from at whatever price you choose — even free! – Kno

Az albumot már megvettem anno 9 dollárért, de aki szeretné most beszerezheti akár ingyen. Többek így is tettek. Vicces, hogy a többség ingyen vitte az albumot, viszont így is annyi bevétel érkezett, mint amihez 175.000 stream kellene a Spotifyon.

So we’ve only been giving away digital copies via for half a day, but as you can see from the stats we’ve already seen 2,259 downloads. Only 286 people chose to pay for their downloads, which doesn’t seem like much, but that $892 in generated revenue is still more than we’d make from 175,000 (!!!) streams on Spotify. Want to pay us something? Cool. Ain’t got no money? Fuck it — download it anyway! – Kno

Kattintsatok, vásároljatok, töltsétek le!