right now there is…

Let’s make teaching, education entertaining. I’ve always knew that Rap, hip-hop is something great. But never thought about it this way. 🙂 Great talk. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H3ddtbeduoo#t=17 Magic can be taught. By allowing teachers to go to places where the magic happens.

education vs innovation

Slides of the presentation I did today at BKF. Educacion vs and innovation. Let’s use technology in education. Let’s use it the right way. Technology itself can’t change the way we teach. Teachers can change the education. We need innovative teachers, who become guides for the students in the jungle of technology.

History of education

I found this great infographic on the Boundless blog. The history of the education in the US from the beginning. The infographic has a section showing education in the next 20 years. This last section is very optimistic about using technology in education. I still think that technology can’t replace handwriting, black/white boards completely. Technology…… Continue reading History of education