Bye @SugarSync

SugarSync started around the same time as Dropbox. So this is not about another newcomer in the cloud storage business. In the last couple of years many cloud storage providers came along.

I kept using SugarSync beside other services. It has a nice Android app and the web interface is usable, too.
Last year I discovered a great backup plugin for WordPress blogs. Since then, all my blogs backed up to my SugarSync storage once a week.

A mail from the SugarSync team arrived yesterday about them changing from free+paid to paid only.

Making this change is something we’ve planned for a while. It will allow us to serve you better and add services and features that will help SugarSync users get more from the service.

As a loyal SugarSync user, we are offering you a 75% discount on any Annual Plan for the first year. Plans start as low as $18.75 for our 60GB Plan. This offer is valid through December 22nd.

The 75% discount is very kind, but still $18.75 for 60GB is only $18.75 more than what I would pay for it. SugarSync should have looked around and do research on the competition. I did the homework and collected the cloud storage options I have:

The links above are mostly affiliate links. Registering for the services using them both of us gets extra storage space for free.

See the original mail I got from SugarSync below.


As you see the price with 75% discount is still more than what I pay for much more storage space elsewhere. And this is not about only going for free.

I pay for online storage/backup. But if I pay for it, it should be without any compromise. That is the reason, why chose Backblaze for my extra online backup. For $5 monthly I get unlimited storage.

Sorry again SugarSync, but I am deleting my account and wish you good luck with the new paid service!