Skype translator, self-driving car

Wow! 2 amazing innovations in one day! Let’s start what Microsoft did with Skype Translator. Google Translate has been around for quite a long time. It is great to get the sense of any written text in almost any language. But it isn’t really effective. I mean it translates, but it’s not always understandable. Google […]

education vs innovation

Slides of the presentation I did today at BKF. Educacion vs and innovation. Let’s use technology in education. Let’s use it the right way. Technology itself can’t change the way we teach. Teachers can change the education. We need innovative teachers, who become guides for the students in the jungle of technology.

10 lesser known facts about maths

Found a great infographics about maths on visually. Visually is a great website for searching and creating infographics. Studygeek has other great mathematics related infographics. After seeing the infographics on visually I found the “extracted” version on Edudemic. I use maths instead of math. Although sometimes I cut the s to fit in a 140 […]

(anti-)social media

Social Media is the place on the Internet, where people are should be social. Should be. Because many of them aren’t social at all.  They don’t even bother with comments and responses coming from other people. They post selfies and use Twitter/Instagram or Facebook like how they use a mirror. Only looking at themselves. A selfie is a type of self-portrait photograph, typically taken […]

Wolfram Language

My jaw hit the floor. I can’t believe this is happening. We are living in an amazing world. What Stephen Wolfram shows in this video is unbelievable. The Wolfram Language is awesome. Programming, mathematics, visualizing gets to the next level. What next? NextNextNext level. I can’t wait to get my hands on this. I […]

History of education

I found this great infographic on the Boundless blog. The history of the education in the US from the beginning. The infographic has a section showing education in the next 20 years. This last section is very optimistic about using technology in education. I still think that technology can’t replace handwriting, black/white boards completely. Technology […]