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A lenti levelet kaptam tegnap a nem túl fantáziadús nevű Private Internet Access VPN szolgáltatómtól. Mivel mostanában a GeoGebra kapcsán utazgatok, s repülőtereken, egyéb helyeken is Intenetezem, kellett egy megbízható VPN szolgáltató.

A lenti levél meggyőzött, hogy jó választás volt. Nem azért, mert letorrentezném a fél világot, hanem mert akár erre is lehetőséget kapnék tőlük.

To our beloved Private Internet Access VPN Subscribers,

The future of the Internet is at risk, with many entities all around the world attempting to take away the freedoms and liberties of the citizens of the world, including people like ourselves and our clients. Our ultimate dream is to protect these freedoms and liberties, as well as the rights to free speech and uncensored access to data on the Internet, which has helped drive prosperity unbeknownst to society.

However, the MPAA has cast a dark shadow on the Internet. We are regretful to inform our subscribers that any BitTorrent activity must now be conducted on our Swiss and other offshore gateways. We have received too many abuse and copyright infringement complaints on our US and UK gateways which has forced us, in order to protect our customers, to this policy change. We do not log our users’ network traffic in any way, shape, or form. Your privacy and anonymity is our absolute #1 priority.

However, please rest assured! We still allow P2P activity, including BitTorrent amongst other protocols, to occur on our network. However, if you wish to engage in P2P, once again, please use our offshore gateways. In order to better serve our P2P loving clients, we are speeding up the launch of our new Netherlands Datacenter location which should be ready within 24-48 hours. This new datacenter features a full gigabit capacity with peering to all of the major providers in Europe.

In other words, our speeds and services will only keep improving. We are a peer to peer company, and our mission is to protect you while providing the fastest service, period.

Azt hiszem meg fogom újítani majd náluk a VPN szolgáltatásomat. Ma hajnali fórumbejegyzés: http://privateinternetaccess.com/forum/index.php?p=/discussion/34/new-gateway-announcements. Érdemes egyébként twitteren is követni őket, @buyvpnservice néven osztják az infót, s tényleg csak fontos dolgok érkeznek.