$5 table on the Strip



When we were in Las Vegas and started to play BlackJack we were looking for $5 tables. Being a newby you don’t want to go for bigger bets. You can find $15+ tables in every casino on the Strip. To find a $100 minumum table is much easier than the $5.

Finally we found one in the Circus circus. I have to admit, that it was much less fun to play at that table and the dealer was less helpful than at other tabes. Playing BlackJack is fun and the dealers are very helpfull in every casino. In Las Vegas everything costs a bit more than anywhere else, but if you gamble in a casino you get all your drinks free.

My advice for Las Vegas:

  1. Go for a $10 table. Let the dealer know that you are a beginner. The other players at the table and the dealer are going to help you. You are one big team versus the casino. 🙂
  2. You get drinks free as long you are playing.
  3. Never play at BlackJack machines. You can’t talk to the dealer and the other players.
  4. Decide how much is it worth for you to play BlackJack. Separate that amount and only use that for gambling. If you loose it, that is the cost of the fun (like a movie ticket, etc.).
  5. Have fun, do not play for winning money.