an eating elephant

I never thought, that an animgif causes so much attention. I uploaded another gif of two elephants to my abandoned Tumblr blog and suddenly it got 3 reblogs. Which is not much compared to other sites, but it is a big hit in my Tumblr blog’s life. 🙂

Now I have everything packed, ready to leave to the airport. I just created a new animated gif. Yes, I was so happy to see the elephant eating from so close, I just pushed the button on the camera. Quite a few times. 🙂 So there were enough shots for another animated gif:


All pictures were taken at the Addo Elephant National Park yesterday. I’ve seen elephants in the zoo, but having them all around in their natural environment is something different.

Updated the title, since there is nobody eating an elephant, it is an elephant eating.

We’ve seen warthogs, elephants, zebras, and some turtles. Sadly the lions were hiding.