This will revolutionize Education

As you already know after watching the video above, that learning with words and pictures together can be more effective. So I added some quotes from the video to help you learn these. 🙂

Why do we need teachers?

Well if you think, that the fundamental job of a teacher is to transfer information from their heads to their students’, then you are right they are obsolete.

Technology isn’t there to replace the teacher. And teacher aren’t there to be an ancient replica of a computer which delivers information.

Luckily the fundamental role of a teacher is not to deliver informations. It is to guide the social process of learning. The job of a teacher is to inspire, to challenge, to excite students to want to learn.

(…) The most important thing a teacher does is to make every student feel like they are important.

Using technology in the classroom is Evolution not Revolution. As teachers we have to be able to use technology, but this is not changing our fundamental role, to challenge and inspire. Even more. With the technology, we may be able to inspire more students.

And a final quote from the video:

And making a learner think is best achieved in a social environment with other learners and a caring teacher.